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Jun 12, 2006
National Bike Racers’ Day

coffee and a sconeAh… National Bike Racers’ Day is here—Monday. Mark those calendars. It truly is a wonderful holiday.
Take a leisurely walk to the coffee shop, sit back in the warm sunshine, put the legs up, enjoy at least one caffeinated beverage and perhaps a scone and/or muffin. Kick back and think about the past weekend’s races and start to dream of glory in the races scheduled for the coming weekend. Then head home for a mid-day nap.

In the afternoon, upon waking from the lengthy and restful slumber, do basically the same thing you did in the morning but add a burrito stop into the mix and visit your body-worker/massage therapist—then you’re right on track.

In the evening, watch some race tapes and just keep eating stuff. Uh-huh—it truly is a wonderful holiday.

It’s a day when the country sorta shuts down because nobody works too hard on National Bike Racers’ Day.

For all who race, or ride, or have thought of riding, or have ever seen someone riding, or have used “bike” or “bicycle” or “bike racing” in a sentence, or have simply said something that sounded like “bike” or “bicycle” or “bike racing,” this is your day. Live it up in the laziest manner you can muster. 

 After all, National Bike Racers’ Day only comes around once a week.


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