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Chris Benchetler getting it good. photo - Peter Morning
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Apr 27, 2010
Sea Otter Classic: 20 Years Old and Still Pedaling

After you've lived in Northern California for a while, as most Clif Bar employees have, there are certain things you look forward to each spring that make you appreciate life in such an exceptional place. Things like...the end of the rainy season or the completion of the Bay Bridge. Or perhaps the Celebrity Apprentice finale or the Potrero Hill Big Wheel race. As awesome as these things are, though, nothing says spring to a cyclist more than the arrival of the Sea Otter Classic. And, last weekend was proof that even at 20 years old, the world's biggest cycling festival is still going strong!

Todd Wells 2010 Sea Otter Classic

From a sports marketing perspective, Sea Otter is unique because it provides a rare opportunity for the folks here in the Team Clif pod to catch up with sponsored athletes from just about all cycling disciplines. We got to chat it up with the pro women from Team TIBCO and Luna, the downhill guys from the Santa Cruz Syndicate, and the Wells brothers of XC mountain bike fame. We even ran into super-crazy guys Hans Rey, Jeff Lenosky and Eric Porter, who was busy showing off his new Haro signature ride. On Saturday I managed to basically watch the pro circuit race while filming the dual slalom finals and short track cross-country races. Bikes were being raced in any direction I faced! When the dust cleared, I was able to run (first time for everything) down to the expo area to catch the last few songs of the Dung Beetles set at the Clif Bar booth. As usual, the NorCal field marketing crew had done an excellent job setting up the most happenin' booth around, sampling all our latest and tastiest food. Gary had just come up to sit in with the band - so I grabbed a brew, settled in, and soaked up the sunny afternoon vibe in the grass with the rest of the bike dorks from around the country. Ahhhh.

Josh Bryceland 2010 Sea Otter Classic

So, next time winter seems like it is going to last forever, or you just can't wait until summer to get your bike fix on, head out to the beautiful Monterey, CA area for some serious bike culture or early-season racing. Because even if you have to sleep in a miniature bed stuffed into a shack on the beach with your boss and some guy named Trois Biscotti, you'll probably still have a blast.

Brady & Troy 2010 Sea Otter Classic Steve Peat 2010 Sea Otter Classic

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