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Feb 6, 2013

“SURFING FOR CHANGE: TRAVEL GUIDE TO NICARAGUA,” a 13 minute short film, illustrates the role that surf tourists can play in preventing the damaging effects that surf tourism booms can have on developing communities. Through the lens of acclaimed Team CLIF Bar professional surfer and environmental activist Kyle Thiermann, this fast-paced documentary highlights a group of young surfers and volunteers from Project Wave of Optimism (WOO), a non-profit, who are working with Nicaraguans to create a new, replicable model of surf-tourism in Gigante, Nicaragua.

About the Film:
“SURFING FOR CHANGE: TRAVEL GUIDE TO NICARAGUA” is Creator and Host Kyle Thiermann’s sixth film in the Surfing for Change” series. Join Thiermann as he takes viewers to the fishing village of Gigante, Nicaragua to explore how surfers are working to create a new model, to benefit the local community while also meeting the needs of tourists.

More About the Filmmaker:Kyle Thiermann (Team CLIF Bar) is a 23 year old pro surfer and activist. The Santa Cruz native combines surfing great waves around the world with making short films about current issues. Thiermann focuses on the power that each individual has to create a better world through their everyday actions. Kyle has surfed his way through Indonesia, Sri Lanka, South Africa, and Chile to name just a few. He uses the support from his sponsors, including Patagonia, Clif Bar, and Sector 9, to make short videos that encourage people to take action to transform their towns and the world. Kyle’s work has been featured in dozens of media outlets worldwide including Surfer Magazine and The Huffington Post. Kyle Speaks at Universities throughout the Country, and has also been a TED Talk speaker. He has won both a Peter Benchley Blue Vision Youth Award and Brower Youth Award.

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B Cole
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