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Oct 6, 2010
TEAM CLIF BAR at Ironman Kona: An Afternoon on Alii Drive

As I'm writing, it's Tuesday evening, October 5th. Just got to see another beautiful Kona sunset. Spent a good chunk of the afternoon sampling the new CLIF SHOT Energy Gel, SHOT Electrolyte Drink, Margarita SHOT BLOKS, and a bevy of other Clif Bar goods to folks getting their training miles in on Alii. Sampling went great. The new SHOT Gel was -- as expected -- very well received.

Team Clif Bar at Kona 1

Tore my shirt off like the Hulk today too. Yup, it really happened. I guess I was so sweaty from sitting outside for hours on end that when I went to swap shirts I simply tore the shirt from my back. It was an old t-shirt - definitely well worn and on its last legs - but it was probably still quite an awesome sight to see me shred that puppy into wee little cotton rags. Too bad nobody will really ever believe me. Rob, from Sender Films, didn't have the camera locked on me when it all went down. Dang it, Rob - probably never going to get a chance to catch something super cool like that again. Maybe it was the heat and the sweat that did that poor shirt in - or perhaps it was the multiple new SHOT GELS I ingested today. It's not completely out of the question that I was simply in a state of super strongness for a spell. Guess we'll see how this new fluorescent yellow Team MACCA shirt fares tomorrow. It's a nice training tee from UA. I'll probably need a couple more gels to rip this one to bits. And wow is it yellow! I just put it on. From the West Coast, if you look towards Hawaii, you might be able to see me. I'm on the deck right now.

Team Clif Bar at Kona 2

After today's sampling on Alii was done, LUNA Pro Team triathlete Tyler Stewart stopped by to spend some time at the TCB House, shoot a quick interview, and answer a bunch of ridiculous questions in the process. She weathered it all very well, and we'll no doubt get some good content out of the interview. It's 7pm Kona time - 10pm for most of us here. Kenny just grilled up some sausage sandwiches that smell damn good. Guess I'd better go grab a sandwich before Swanner & Frosty scarf them all down. We'll be back at it tomorrow...

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