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Chris Benchetler getting it good. photo - Peter Morning
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Mar 30, 2011
Team Clif Bar Welcomes a New Surfer to the Mix - Meet Pete Devries

This year Clif Bar & Company has been proud to be one of a few founding supporters of Innersection, a project created by surf film legend Taylor Steele and Surfing Magazine editor Nathan Myers. Chances are that if you surf and like to watch incredibly beautiful footage of people totally ripping, then you probably already know about Innersection. If you haven't heard of it (or simply don't fancy yourself a surfer), it's high time you treat yourself to a visual feast and get your finger on the pulse of today's most inspiring and progressive competitive surfing platform.

Team CLIF BAR's Pete Devries


Thanks to our collaboration with the fine folk at Innersection (all two of them being Nathan and Taylor), we at Clif have had the pleasure to connect with some of today's greatest talents in the sport, as well as the skills of the individuals on the other side of the lens. This especially proved to be the case with respect to the work of surfer Pete Devries and filmmaker/photographer Jeremy Koreski. We really felt like their section was one of the sickest (from both the surf and film standpoint), and because it captured not only what it often takes to get the wave or get the shot, but also what's involved in getting there. These guys take adventure surfing to a whole new level and truly inspire a way of playing that the good people of Clif Bar can get behind. So, in the final hours of the Innersection countdown, we decided to step up and honor what we felt was the most adventurous section. In doing so, we'd like to recognize both of these fine gents and officially welcome Pete Devries to Team CLIF BAR. We can't wait to see what's next for Pete along his adventure and what the next round of Innersection will bring our way. Here's a look at Pete's impressive section.

Leading up to the announcement of the award/sponsorship, Nathan at Innersection had a chance to connect with Pete to ask a couple of questions in particular. See below for what Pete had to say and check out the write up that Nathan did to let the fans out there know what was in the works. WHAT ARE SOME OF THE CRAZIEST THINGS THAT HAVE HAPPENED SURFING UP IN YOUR NECK OF THE WOODS? Having wildlife around when we are camping in the middle of nowhere. Black Bears are usually cruising through camp looking for food, and on one occasion we had a Grizzly bear come into came just after we were picked up off the beach. There have also been some really heavy boat rides in open ocean with big swell. On one of the trips up to the slab where we produced a few of the barrel clips in Innersection we had to come home in thick fog as it was getting dark. The iPhone GPS app saved us on that one. THE WILDLIFE SEEN IN YOUR SECTION...HOW REGULARLY DO YOU COME IN CONTACT WITH THAT TYPE OF STUFF? I'd say we usually see at least one bear every time we go camping. Sea lions are around all the time and eagles are flying around in front of my house every day. The jellyfish was the most random one. I had never swam around in the ocean with thousands of jellyfish before we shot that. HOW DOES THIS SPONSORSHIP RATE IN TERMS OF RANDOM EVENTS TO EVOLVE OUT OF YOUR INNERSECTION ENTRY? I'd say this is the most random event. I've signed on with Reef Footwear since Innersection came out but they are a surf company and have been for a long time. I love CLIF Bars though! So this is perfect. DO YOU THINK YOUR SECTION FITS THE BILL OF "MOST ADVENTUROUS"? In terms of where it was shot I would definitely say yes! ARE YOU FAMILIAR WITH CLIF AS A COMPANY? EVER EAT THEIR BARS? Yes, I am. I eat CLIF bars all the time, so this is a perfect fit for me. WHAT PROJECTS DO YOU HAVE UNDERWAY RIGHT NOW? Over the winter I've been shooting a lot of photos at home, and video as well. We haven't had the best winter but the surf has been getting better since January. There are a few things in the works, but I'm going to keep them under wraps for now.

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B Cole
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