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Aug 15, 2011
Todd Wells Wins Leadville 100!

Huge congrats go out to TCB - sponsored cross country racer Todd Wells for his well-earned win at Leadville 100 over the weekend.  Todd has been ripping it up lately anyway, scoring the win at XC Nationals while taking second in the short track just a few weeks back.  Considering that Todd is also one of the fastest cyclocross racers in the nation and has the endurance to win a race like Leadville, it’s no wonder people around the office often ask us…”how did he get so fast?”

Well, the answer is quite simple:  Golf.  Lots and lots of golf.  Read any Todd Wells blog and there is bound to be at least one golf reference.  He’s playing all the time.  There is just something about the juxtaposition of pure outdoor relaxation and utter frustration that keeps the mind and body prepared for bike racing. 

A while back I had the good fortune of riding in Durango with Troy, Todd’s younger brother.  As we rode, Troy didn’t really talk about bikes or racing or anything like that.  We mostly talked about golf: where he and Todd play; at which clubs they were members; where they had been traveling lately to play golf.  The training in Durango is really all about golf.

So, next year when you begin to put your Leadville 100 training plan together, remember that this year’s winner trained by developing his swing and mental fortitude on the links.  Oh, and I guess there was something about training hard at altitude year round.  And spending weeks holed up at 9600 ft. in Silverton riding 12,000 ft. passes daily.  And kicking your wife out of bed so you could sleep in your altitude tent nightly.  And reducing your caloric intake for weeks so that you are light enough to ascend the endless climbs.  But, yeah, mostly it was about the golf.

Congratulations on a huge win, Todd! 

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