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Aug 1, 2011
Trevor Gordon in India: Surf and Photos

Not long ago our newest addition to the Team Clif Bar roster Trevor Gordon had the good fortune of finding himself on a bit of a surfabout in India.  An avid 35mm photographer, fine artist, and beautifully creative and talented surfer to boot, Trevor took a few images along his journey that we thought we’d share with you. Hopefully you’ll appreciate seeing the world through Trevor’s eyes. We here at Clif sure do!

Be sure to take some time on Trevor’s blog and check back in here from time to time to see what this young master is up to. No doubt his finest works on waves and in the world are yet to come!

The following are a series of photos he took on a recent surf trip to India. Shot on a Nikon 35mm film camera.


During my first day in India I heard someone say, “ The people here can scream with their eyes”. Although this picture was taken hundreds of miles off the west coast off India, far from the mainland bustle, the native Indian kids share that same mesmerizing stare. The kids here acted as if they have never seen a camera or figured that they could see something great by looking into the lens. Either way, they were so humbly fascinated.

This is the spot we surfed and this is the best day we had. When we first got to the island the surf was relatively small but still really fun and as the days went on a mystery swell arose and allowed the place to really show its colors. This shot shows a family relaxing in the shade watching the funny lookin’ sea go by.

Steps away from the house we stayed in, there was this pool of water that sunk 20 feet into the ground, which looked like an inside-out pyramid. These kids were constantly playing in the stagnant water having a ball dunking each other under. I figure it some sort of community pool or showering pond where the roped off moss and plants acted as the purifier.

To get to the beach from the house you had to walk a mile or so through the village to the other side of the island. A small footpath wound through the houses and this is one of the families we saw. As soon as they saw us they grew extremely shy and I think I managed to click this one just before. I really just love how happy the seem.

The heat in tropical places can really take a toll on a surfboard. Here are a few of my boards taking refuge during the midday scorch. I like the shapes in this photo, how the light shows the curve of the boards.

Minutes after we made the 18-hour ferry ride to the island I ran down to the beach and melted into the sea. On my way out I saw these sand mounds created by monster crabs. I’ve seen mini crab mounds before and in the photo it’s hard to tell but these were about a foot or so tall. Although I couldn’t manage to find any of the crabs that made these little sculptures.

After a week's worth of amazing surf, intense sunburn and rash I had to take a break to take a few photos and just watch the waves for once. This kid, without saying a word, sat with me and took a new appreciation for the surf, having never looked at it in interest before. Although we knew a few people had surfed this place before, the kids claimed to have never seen surfers or “fly boating” before.

This is a goat. There are lots of goats, everywhere. This one liked his picture being taken.

This was taken back on the mainland while just walking through a small market. I do a lot of art with a heavy focus on texture and I found this bit of building amazing. It’s pretty much the exact color palette and texture style that I enjoy most and go out of my way to create. To see it just on the side of an old building, created totally coincidentally and accidental, was really cool to see.

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B Cole
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