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Mar 17, 2011
Troy Wells’ Bend Film Shoot

&vedBack in February, a number of us headed up to Bend, Oregon for a film shoot. Team CLIF BAR mountain biker/cross racer Troy Wells joined the mix, so we got to spend some time in the winter wonderland with Mr. Wells.

Troy Wells - Bend Shoot 1

It's always fun to hang with Troy. He left the oh-so-rideable warmth of Tucson to join us in the less-so-rideable snow of Bend - and he seemed to have a smile on his face the entire time, even during one crazy-cold looking long descent. Certainly a fine test of his stylish Capo thermal garments. Jason at Abbey Bike Works helped us out bigtime, getting the Easton and SRAM goods on Troy's spanky new Cannondale. And Troy and I found some mighty tasty burgers at the Pilot Butte Drive-In.

Troy Wells - Bend Shoot 2

Then, it was time for Troy to earn his keep and ride for miles as the snow fell. Lucky fellow. Here's the scoop from Troy: Over the last two months I've been busy putting in some serious time on the bike and lifting 10 million pounds in the gym. In my last week of base I had to leave the great weather of Tucson, AZ for Bend, OR. Here is a quick recap of my 3 days in Bend: Day 1 - Get up early, Travel & Eat -6 a.m. Flight. They always feel amazing! -Jason from Abbey bikes made Dylan and my day a lot easier by building up my new Cannondale with SRAM Red and Easton cockpit and wheels. -Had a big-ass burger at Pilot Butte. The shakes aren't bad either! Dylan and I should have driven the .6 miles to Pilot Butte. -Note to self - .6 miles is a long way in sneakers when sidewalks are covered in snow and you have to dodge the spray from passing cars. -Hit up Deschutes Brewery for dinner with the Clif crew and Lead Dog Marketing Group.

Troy Wells - Bend Shoot 3

Day 2 - Get up early, Shoot Video -6 a.m. Alarm clock. I'm not much of a morning person. -2 hour drive to meeting site with Campfire film crew. -Meeting on the top of a pass where there was a "slight chance of snow." -It was snowing. A lot. -Head out for a nice group ride with Cody, Bobby, Peterson, Damieon, Scotty and one other rider whose name I can't recall. Thanks a lot guys it was a fun day even with the weather! -Freezing temps, snow and hail - not the best conditions for a 2.5hr ride with a lot of stop & go. -Hang out in the cool, one-road town of Antelope. Even had a cycling fan out in the elements cheering us on. -Ride with a 20 pound camera in a 30 mph cross wind. A tad sketchy! -Got some motor pacing in behind a Subaru Outback with two of the Campfire filming crew hanging out the back with cameras in my face. -Did a 1-hour interview with about 20 people in the room. "Intimidating!" Thanks to Colt @cyclingdirt and Dylan for giving me years of acting a fool in front of cameras. -That's a wrap. -Well, not really, back in the car for a 2.5 hr drive back to Bend. -Off to dinner at Jackson's Corner thanks to Scotty's recommendation. Great dinner, awesome service and a cool vibe. Dylan got to pitch his chimpanzee idea for the 2nd time in one day at dinner. Kirt Voreis might end up lifting the idea - D, you better get a copyright going on it. Kirt had a crazy story about a shop in Pittsburg that had its entire inventory wiped out by a deer. Thanks to Lead Dog Marketing, Campfire Creative and Clif Bar for a great shoot! You guys made my job super easy.

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