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May 5, 2005
Wind, Water, Brie and Me

OK, so I survived. That half Ironman I mentioned a few posts ago, the one I thought might kill me. Yah, well it didn’t kill me after all.

Wildflower 2005 has come and gone and ‘twas another great weekend of stellar people, sun, camping and of course the obligatory swimming, biking, running…sweating, drooling and dizziness. I find anytime those 6 things occur in the same day, you’ve really got something.

Arrived plenty early on Friday and found the ‘least slanty’ spot I could find for my tent (at the ever rockin’ CLIF Camp), and then waited for dark (yes, I did other things than wait for dark). Tuned the bike, made sure my ear plugs were ready for 10pm and cleaned all the dirt I could off my bike. ‘Cause that’s what really makes it faster, after all. My 210lbs and thin training schedule have no bearing on the situation. Ha!

To that point, I made a couple conclusions this weekend, as I pedaled along on my aluminum and steel no frills (except aero bars) bicicleta:

1) There is a direct correlation between how tan someone is, how little hair they have on their body and how good a triathlete they are. Furry and paisty - not a threat. Tan and shiny - best give them the right of way. I plan on giving this study more formal consideration soon.

2) Adding anything ‘carbon fiber’ to the bike of a bigger guy, like myself (often gaining or losing 10lbs in a day), might be likened to ordering a double cheeseburger with chili fries and a Diet Coke. Doesn’t really make a lot of sense. I’m not saying I’d like to carry a little less up those hills…I just get a kick out of morning conversations by people drinking coffee, eating doughnuts, wearing Speedos they may or may not know are actually on, bragging about all the components on their bike that have gone CF.


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