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Wed, July 23 2008 - CLIF® BAR Encourages People to “Bike Once a Week to Fight Climate Change”: Energy Bar Born on a Bike Updates Second Annual 2 Mile Challenge™ With New “Bike Builder” Web Tool to Improve the Ride

BERKELEY, Calif., July 23, 2008 – CLIF® BAR is back on the road with its second annual 2 Mile Challenge™ tour urging people to leave their cars at home and use bikes for trips of two miles or less.  The company is challenging people to “Bike Once a Week to Fight Climate Change” to demonstrate that small changes in daily habits can have a big impact on the environment.

Every mile traveled by bike instead of car prevents one pound of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere, according to the Climate Leadership Initiative at the University of Oregon. Car-generated carbon dioxide is the leading cause of global climate change. What’s more, with today’s record-high gasoline prices, bikes are a more economical transit alternative than ever before.

To make it easier for people to use a bike for short trips, CLIF BAR has created “Bike Builder,” a web tool that shows people how to “build” a bike that best meets their needs. “Bike Builder” helps riders choose, shop for and use the right bike and gear for different riding scenarios, such as carrying groceries, riding to work and selecting safety gear. “Bike Builder” is located at

On the 2 Mile Challenge website, riders can build a customized Google map to identify grocery stores, coffee shops, banks, restaurants and other destinations within a two mile radius of any location. Since launching the first 2 Mile Challenge in September 2007, nearly 20,000 people have used the mapping service, which is found at

“Every single effort to fight global climate change, even one errand a week using a bike instead of a car, is a step in the right direction,” said Gary Erickson, Clif Bar & Company founder and owner whose inspiration for making a better tasting energy bar came during a one-day, 175-mile bike ride. “With this year’s 2 Mile Challenge, we’re trying to remove all the barriers—all the excuses—so people can enjoy being outside, being active and making a difference in the communities where they live, work and play.”

Pedal power benefits personal health and the health of the planet, noted Erickson, whose company sponsors cyclists of all levels and maintains a strong cycling culture among its employees. The 2 Mile Challenge tour highlights the following advantages of bike riding:

  • In the U.S., 40 percent of all trips are two miles or less, and 90 percent of those trips are made by car. If one of 10 car commuters switched to a bike, carbon dioxide emissions would be reduced by 25.4 million tons per year.  (U.S. Dept. of Transportation)
  • A 150-pound person can burn nearly 300 calories in a 30-minute bike ride for local errands.  (

The 2008 2 Mile Challenge tour is spending nearly 40 days this summer at music festivals, cycling events and other hotspots in the Midwest, Colorado and California. The 38-foot biodiesel tour bus is loaded with trip-mapping and Bike Builder kiosks, an inspirational cycling video and the market’s best commuter bikes, along with CLIF BAR samples to give people a delicious source of natural sustained energy for their rides.

Catch the 2008 2 Mile Challenge tour in the following locations: 

  • July 23-26: 10,000 Lakes Music Festival—Detroit Lakes, MN
  • July 30: Whole Foods/REI—Boulder, CO
  • August 1-August 3: Crankworx Mountain Bike Festival—Winter Park, CO
  • August 5: TBD—Denver, CO
  • August 8-10: Summer Outdoor Retailer Show—Salt Lake City, UT
  • August 13: Bob Bolderick Theater—Carson City, NV
  • August 14: TBD—Reno, NV
  • August 15: Concerts in the Park—Sacramento, CA
  • August 16: Folsom Lake Adventure Race—Folsom, CA
  • August 17: 32nd Annual Tour of Napa—Napa, CA

Photos, videos and more details about the CLIF BAR 2 Mile Challenge can be found online at

CLIF’s Commitment to People and the Planet
The 2 Mile Challenge is part of CLIF BAR’s commitment to make it easy for people to do things that are good for the body and respectful of the planet. CLIF BARs are made from all-natural and organic ingredients and fit easily into a pocket, backpack, tool bag or purse so people can eat healthy foods for natural energy any time. By using organic ingredients, CLIF BAR helps keep pesticides out of the body and protects soil, water and air quality. In 2007, the company purchased more than 23 million pounds of organic ingredients. 

About Clif Bar & Company
Clif Bar & Company ( is a leading maker of all-natural and organic energy and nutrition foods and drinks, including the CLIF® BAR energy bar and LUNA®, The Whole Nutrition Bar for Women. Focused on great food and sustainability, Clif Bar & Company works diligently to reduce its footprint on the planet from the field to the final product.

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