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Climate Action

threatens the places we care about most deeply and the farming systems we depend on to grow our food. Our 2015 goal is to reduce our carbon emissions 10% below 2009 levels on a normalized basis.
  • Reported and verified our carbon emissions with the California Climate Action Registry since 2004.
  • Switched our office fleet and field marketing trucks to biodiesel fuel.
  • Offer a Cool Commute program that supports employees who leave their cars at home and walk, bike, or take public transportation.
  • Offset energy use from our office, bakeries, and business travel by helping to build new wind turbines that benefit both the environment and communities-in-need.
  • In partnership with NativeEnergy, we helped to build the first school district-owned wind turbine (Wray, CO); the first large-scale Native American-owned wind turbine (St. Francis, South Dakota); and the Greensburg Wind Farm in Kansas (95% of Greensburg was destroyed in 2007 by a tornado and they’re rebuilding green).
  • In 2007 we offset our historic emissions dating back to the company’s start in 1992.
  • Helping our employees make their own homes more energy efficient with the Cool Home program.
  • Inviting people of all ages to fight climate change with
    their bikes on the 2 Mile Challenge.
  • Engaging with our suppliers to promote climate action through energy audits, efficiency upgrades and use of green power.
  • Advocating for strong energy and climate policies through BICEP (Business for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy).