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In Good Company

Through the act of simply extending a hand — not just once in a while but as a regular part of life — we are changed as individuals and as a community.
--Kit Crawford, Owner Clif Bar & Company
In Good Company grew out of Clif Bar & Company’s long tradition of community service and the certainty that collaboration among businesses can be a powerful force for positive change.
We’ve made a commitment to improving people’s lives – through direct volunteer service, by creating a program that raises awareness about people’s needs. We are committed to promoting healthy, sustainable communities locally and globally.

Every year, values-driven companies join together to make a difference through hands-on action and volunteerism. Our hope is to bring awareness to important issues and communities in need.
In Good Company will take us to different communities and while the location may change, the three areas of focus will always stay the same. We feel strongly that communities need access to healthy food, adequate housing and a healthy environment for people’s overall health and well-being.
Healthy Food
People living in the ravaged neighborhoods desperately need something that will bring them together to rebuild – working in the garden, they have tangible results for their efforts. Although it seems like such a small thing against the backdrop of so much devastation, the garden project is a sign of hope and a huge first step towards empowering the residents to create a more self-sufficient community.
--Hester Bennett, Clif Bar & Company
Safe housing
Linda Ebarb is ecstatic to have so many people helping rebuild her home. You can usually find her in the kitchen, dancing and singing to the radio—if you walk past, she usually grabs you and convinces you to do a couple of moves with her. Today, we finished the bamboo floors in both the living room and the kitchen, framed all of the windows, laid down the baseboard in the living room and kitchen, and painted the first floor of the house. I wonder what we will accomplish tomorrow.
--Ernesto Dominguez, Eileen Fisher
Environmental Activism
Do you know the difference between a marsh and a swamp? I didn’t until today, courtesy of Bayou Rebirth. It was nice to work in the wetlands—something about wearing waders up to your chest and doffing around in the swampy muckiness makes you feel like a kid again.
--Jessica Glasscoe, Seventh Generation
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