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Sharing Products

...we’ve provided food to thousands of athletes —
bicyclists, climbers, and snowboarders — to help
them on their own personal journeys. We’ll always
celebrate our sporting heritage this way. But these
days, we also share our products with people all over
the country at all kinds of events — from concerts to
sustainability festivals to alternative energy shows.

Sharing our food with people also goes hand in hand
with our volunteer efforts, whether we’re building a
house or planting an urban garden — and it’s only
natural to share our food with the other volunteers
working right alongside us. We’ve also been able to
give to food banks, homeless shelters, and relief
groups helping after natural disasters.

Now we’ve invited our employees to identify places
where they’d like to donate our products — maybe the
local animal shelter is building a new office or
kennel...well, our employees can decide to donate
bars to that event.