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I finally had my prescription renewed after years of wearing the same old pair of glasses.  My new sense of community has opened up a world of connections that I may have otherwise missed.  Not only do I plan to hold on to this understanding, I plan to cultivate it in whatever small way I can wherever I am.
--Emily Zisman, Clif Bar & Company

How We Started

In 2008 we invited like-minded businesses to join us for In Good Company’s inaugural year. That year, 28 people from 6 companies from close to a dozen states traveled to New Orleans to work in a community that was struggling to rebuild. The community of New Orleans welcomed us with open arms and we’ve since been back for another year.

In Good Company in New Orleans meant working with strong local networks to bring organic and local food to the residents of New Orleans by investing in and building community gardens. It meant a crash course in understanding the critical role wetlands play in their community and planting marsh grasses to protect those areas. And last but most importantly, it meant rehabbing houses damaged in hurricane Katrina for those in critical need of housing.

But that’s not all, this program represents building community at many levels. The layers of community began in the kitchen while the team cooked meals together and it continued to the relationships we built with our businesses partners, our amazing local nonprofit partners we worked alongside every day and the local residents that helped us understand the needs of their community.

In Good Company provides a platform for businesses and employees to experience how communities other than their own work and thrive. The recipe is the same for each community – coming together to work side by side. This experience gives each one of us the perspective needed to bring those experiences home and recognize what is needed in our own local communities.