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Zero Waste

Our sustainability journey began on Earth Day 2001. It wasn’t long
before sustainability was cropping up on everyone’s to-do list: our office
switched to recycled paper, we set up desk-side recycle bins, and
discouraged disposable dishes offering more planet friendly options.

We’ve learned that one small step leads to another.
To date, we’ve made the following improvements in our
packaging system; our caddies are no longer shrink
wrapped and they are now made from
100% recycled paperboard.

Over time, these steps grew into a formal commitment to Zero Waste. That means we're striving to adopt systems that produce no waste in the first place. We're not there yet, but we're on our way.

2015 Zero Waste Goal

Achieve 90% waste diversion in our headquarters, at field events and in the facilities that make our food.

In our business practices we’ll strive to:

  • Incorporate sustainability criteria into packaging design
  • Close material loops - redesign, reduce, reuse, recycle and compost
TerraCycle and Clif Bar are working together to reduce the number of energy bar wrappers that would otherwise end up in the landfill, and to educate kids and others about the benefits of reusing materials.

Thus, the Wrapper Brigade program was born and schools, offices, community organizations, and even individuals can earn money for charity by collecting used wrappers.

For every wrapper the brigade receives, 1 cent will be donated to a nonprofit of the collector’s choice.
All wrappers collected are then made into fun eco-chic products.