Alli Rainey


Alli Rainey calls the tiny town of Ten Sleep, Wyoming her home. A rock climber since 1992, she loves constantly pushing her physical and mental limits on the rock - sewing together lots of intricate or challenging climbing movements interspersed with on-the-rock rests. The more moves she has to put together, the better. A true student of the sport, Alli recognizes that the best way to improve is by training her weaknesses and focusing on climbing terrain on which she hasn’t historically excelled. In fact, once, while topping out a fairly tall boulder problem, Alli was forced to climb so hard her pants fell off. She was wearing underpants.

Alli’s climbing expertise has led her to teaching clinics at and participating in several national events each year, including the New River Rendezvous, the International Climbers Festival, and Rocketoberfest. In her “spare” time, Alli provides online coaching and motivational tips for climbers of all levels, and donates her time teaching at HERA Ovarian Cancer Climb for Life events.


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