Avery Jenkins

Disc Golf

2009 Disc Golf World Champion Avery Jenkins has been playing Disc Golf since he was seven years old, and comes from a family that has always excelled at the sport. His father, Leroy, who instilled in Avery the love for the game, holds multiple National Tour titles. His mother, Sharon, and sister, Valerie, are both three-time Disc Golf World Champions. It comes as no surprise that Avery is one of the best in the world, and he is now competing in his 13th full season as a Professional Disc Golfer.

Originally from Medina, Ohio, Avery now calls the Disc Golf Mecca of Santa Cruz, California his home. Although he spends plenty of time competing in the U.S., Avery really loves playing International Events in Japan, Taiwan and throughout Europe. His athletic talent has taken him around the world, and he truly enjoys the sportsmanship, competitiveness and camaraderie expressed by all the international players on the tour.

As one of the best long distance throwers in the world, one of Avery’s Current goals is to claim the World Distance Record of 820 feet. Although he has thrown farther than that in practice, he has yet to do it in an official setting. Avery is also training to break the Canine World Distance Record for the Longest Throw to Dog Catch, with hopes of gracing the pages of the Guinness Book of World Records.

And, like many of his TCB roster mates, simply competing is not enough for Avery, and he currently works with Keen Footwear to organize the sale of Charity Fundraising Discs throughout the year. This year he is donating funds to the University of California - Santa Cruz Disc Golf Team to assist in purchasing Team Uniforms and helping them get to the 2012 Collegiate National Disc Golf Championships in Augusta, Georgia.

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