Caroline Gleich


Caroline started skiing at the age of two, and now this professional big mountain skier, originally from Minnesota, is based out of Salt Lake City. After moving to Utah at 15, she began her childhood dream of becoming a pro skier just after high school. Competing in a number of forms of comps (like skiercross and big mountain) she soon discovered that her favorite way to play is working on photo and video shoots in collaboration with ski and outdoor companies to help feed the stoke for all. These days she just LOVES skiing, from powder to chutes to backcountry to cliffs to jumps and mega drops.

When Caroline is not engaged in some outdoor activity (like skiing, mtn biking or stand up paddling) , this U of U graduate loves to draw, paint, shoot photos and crochet hats. She also digs making sculptures out of paper mache and other recycled materials.

One of Caroline's life goals (and who's isn't really?) is to live out of a van. She loves the idea of living every day to the fullest and packing in as many outdoor activities and creative projects and fun as possible. When it comes to being the eco warrior that she is; she truly aims to live a low-impact lifestyle. She tends an organic garden, growing fruits, vegetables and native Utah plants.

Notable Results: Feature Skier in Warren Miller’s, “Like There’s No Tomorrow.” & 3x SKI Magazine cover!

Favorite trick: Daffy (How sick is that?)

What's she listening to? Little Dragon, Air, Amadou & Mariam, Lupe Fiasco, Dick Dale, MIA, Santogold

What's she reading? Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies by Jared Diamond

Favorite Quote? “I don’t have on-season and off-season training – I’m training for life.” -Laird Hamilton

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