Carson Storch

Mountain Biking

Born in Bend, Oregon this young shredder has called Oregon home for his entire life. Starting out racing motocross and snowboarding, Carson was led into mountain biking naturally with a solid foundation and a mix of the two skillsets; making him one of the more well rounded riders of today. When you watch Carson ride, you can see that Snowboarding influences his style, the way he approaches his tricks, and the tricks he chooses to do. Fancying himself primarily a slopestyle and dirt jump competitor, Carson also loves riding downhill, pumptracks, and even XC from time to time. He also puts a ton of energy towards video and photo shoots which you will find below. Check out some of the deets on Carson here and check back in as more fresh content will be dropping soon from this talented rider.

Born: May 3rd, 1993...yep, that makes him 19.

Hometown: Bend, Oregon

Riding, ripping and shredding for 10 years.

Notable Accomplishments: 7th UDUG invitational 2011, 10th Teva Slopestyle 2011, 4th UDUG invitational 2012, 2nd Teva Best Trick 2012, 7th Jumpship 2012, Rider in Redbull Joyride Best Trick, 6 page spread Freehub Mag spring 2012

Earliest memory riding: Building a ramp out of stacked 2x4s and a piece of plywood when he was around 6 years old at my grandparents house!

Most entertaining experience: Staying on the road with the AllRide Tour… Anywhere, anytime. Tussle and Team CLIF Bar co-hort Kirt Voreis are "too much"!

On Shuffle: Metallica, Lynyrd, ASAP Rocky

Favorite Movie: Anything with Clint Eastwood in it!

Favorite Quote: "War does not determine who is right- only who is left"

Additional Sponsors: Go Pro, Diamondback, Clif Bar, Shimano, Smith Optics, Chromag, Republik, Five Ten, Geax, Giro, Gamut USA.

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