Chris Del Moro

Surf- Art- Activism

When it comes to the soul of surfing and all the goodness that it represents, Chris Del Moro could not be more at the heart (and from the heart) of it all. Born in the early 80's Chris grew up between Florence, Italy and Palos Verdes, Ca. We're not sure if two places could possibly be more dissimilar but no doubt that is a big part of what makes the magic of who Chris is and how he carries himself in this world today. Not only has Chris been surfing through life since the day he was born, but he has been doing it with style to boot. He remembers an early surfing experience when his cousin bought him a used board and tied a rope to his leg as a leash and then paddled out into the eye of a storm. Not the most traditional way to get it going, but Chris curiously recalls loving every minute of despite nearly drowning multiple times.

As a life long vegetarian, artist and world traveler, Chris has been featured in films by Thomas Campbell and Taylor Steele (among many others) and works diligently to protect the planet while surfing and soulfully sliding along his epic adventures. He is also an active director of Surfers for Cetaceans, formed in partnership between Dave Rastovich and Howie Cooke.

When you meet him in person: Be sure to ask him about the time he accidentally snapped the head off a 10 foot cement Buddha in his birthday suit...

Top Videos: Alex Grey (artist) documentary. Sea of Cortez underwater films

What is Chris listening to? Marley, live jams, Band Of Frequencies, Iron and Wine, Culture, Amazing mix tapes from my long lost mate Dakota...

Favorite Book and/or Movie: Nacho Libre, Lord of The Flies, Californian encyclopedia of whales and dolphins.

Words to Live By: Do on to others as you you would your self.

Additional Sponsors: Etnies, Matuse, Creatures, Guayaki Yerba Mate..... family and nature.




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