Eric Pollard

Free Skier

Eric's home mountain is Mt. Hood, and he started skiing professionally at age 15. But skiing isn't all he's interested in. Just check out his website to get a sense for some of his other skills. But that's not all...

In his own words: "The best way I have found to express myself is on my skis. I grew up fifteen minutes from a ski area in Mont Hood Oregon, and I started skiing when I was three years old (27 years ago). Drawing fresh lines on untracked faces is my favorite thing, and I have had the great fortune of doing it all over the world for a living since I was sixteen. I have become more and more involved in design over the past six years. In addition to art and skiing, I have focused a lot of my creative energy on making ski movies. I started my own production company (Nimbus Independen; see link belowt) a couple years ago to bring my perspective on skiing to the public eye."

Earliest Memory: So many times out with family and friends. Earliest is probably shredding with my sister and pops down the glade.

A Unique Experience: Funny and scary, but I crashed on the Mt Hood road gap when I was 15 or so. On to the pavement right onto my back. At 15, I just bounce and got up. Today it would have been a different story.
It only seems fitting that an athlete like Eric would wish for a super power like flying. Maybe he already possesses it. When he skied 3,000 vertical feet in the dark under a full moon in Russia, it must have felt close to something only Superman could pull off. And Superman had a cape.

Top 3 Bands in the Rotation Right Now: Jose Gonzales, Deer Tick, Blonde Redhead

What has Eric Been Reading: He cranked a quite few this summer,"but the best was probably re-reading the Lord of the Rings for the 4th time."

Words to Live By: As above so below.

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