Erik Nau


Erik Nau of Encinitas California is the quintessential outdoors enthusiast of Southern California. Erik was born and raised in San Diego and at a young age picked up a passion for surfing which is the basis of his friendly, easy going, and positive energy. While many triathletes may have been influenced one way or another into the sport, Erik really sort of fell into it. During the summer months when the surf would go flat, Erik began swimming at La Jolla cove in order to stay in shape for surfing. With the rising cost of gas prices and living relatively close to work, Erik began riding a bike to and from work and just about everywhere else. A friend recommended he take a stab at triathlon and despite having no previous racing experience, he placed 3rd in his first ever triathlon and has been hooked to the sport ever since. While Erik has spent much of his racing career competing in short distance events, he has developed an itch to compete in the Half Ironman Distance races and has his sights set on being a consistent overall performer and being a top podium finisher in his age division.