Forrest Shearer


Forrest Shearer is as pure as they get when it comes to snowboarding. Watch him ride and you’d think he was chosen for it; a natural with abilities that one can only be born with. He certainly defies gravity (and sometimes reason) while sailing through the air and shredding in the backcountry.

When asked about his passion for riding Forrest says, "while the fire in most people's souls is a burning ember, mine is a blazing torch!"

In 2001, Forrest spent his first winter in Utah and his snowboarding journey began—and it's still going strong today. Today he lives in Salt Lake City, but the kid who grew up in Southern California says, "my friends and I used to spend countless hours dreaming over the photos in snowboard mags, wondering if mountains like that really existed." Now he knows.

For him it's about freedom. "It's about the moment, when you combine your own energy and the energy of whatever it is you're snowboarding—riding your home resort, the park, or the backcountry. When you're in that moment nothing else matters. In snowboarding, your own form of self-expression comes out with your style and creativity. There is no right or wrong way to snowboard. Everyone does it differently. But I think it brings me closer to something more natural. “

When chilling : he might be listening to one of his latest favorites--Foster the People, TV on the Radio, Dirty Gold, The Strokes, Ray Barbee and The Mattson 2-or reading Life by Keith Richards, Gerry Lopez's Surf is Where You Find It, or something else to nourish whatever small part of his soul isn't satisfied by his latest session on the hill.

Words to live by: Your health is your wealth.

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