Francesca Conte


Born in the northern-Italian city of Padova, Charlottesville, VA transplant Francesca Conte has been running competitively for over ten years. Although she has won numerous 50km, 50 mile and 100 mile races, it’s her involvement within the running community that makes her truly exceptional. As General Manager of Charlottesville Running Company, she not only runs a retail store committed to the sport she loves, but also coaches the shop’s training groups and leads its group runs.

Francesca also directs 12 local road and trail races and is a board member for the Rivanna Trails Foundation, a local group that builds and protects footpaths, trails and greenways within the Rivanna River watershed. Francesca loves trail running for the solitude of the mountains, and any big mountains will do (although she admits to longing for the Italian Alps on occasion…mostly for the food). Since she already has a PhD in Biology and is a successful athlete and business woman, her long-term goal is simple: to be the oldest old person still out on the trails someday!


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