Hans Rey

Mountain Bike Legend

Hans Rey is considered a living legend amongst mountain bikers worldwide. He is a former Trials Biking World Champion and is by many considered the pioneer of the Freeride movement. Besides his days as a competitor he made himself a name for his trials-show and PR stunts which he has performed all over the world at many different occasions, including the 1996 Olympic Games Closing Ceremonies. Hans might be the most published mountain biker ever, he has graced the cover of over 300 magazines and has been sponsored by GT Bicycles since the beginning of this pro rider career in 1987.

In the past decade he has focused on the Hans Rey Adventure Team, his expeditions are usually documented for TV, internet and magazines. He often rides routes that were previously considered un-ridable always in search of something historical or mysterious. He has traveled to over 70 countries and has become a global ambassador for our sport. In 2005 he started together with his wife Carmen his non-profit charity 'Wheels 4 Life'. W4L provides bicycles to people in need of transportation in developing countries. Hans has been a IMBA supporter from the early days and has ridden trails all over the world - he understands more than most people the importance of mountain bike specific trails. Out of his bag of experience he came up with the term "Flow Country Trail", for a certain type of 'flow' trail, that he believes can be a big part of the future of our sport and which he is promoting currently. Hans was inducted in the Mountain Biking Hall of Fame in 1999.

Date of Birth: June 4th 1966

Hometown: Laguna Beach, California

Years Riding: 33 (25 professionally)

Some Notable Accomplishments: Former Trials Riding World Champion, Natl. Trials Champ in Switzerland, Germany as well as the USA. MountainBike Hall of Famer

Earliest Memory of Riding: Being pushed down a set of stairs on his tri-cycle by his sisters at age 3

Weirdest Experience : Riding and teaching with Mr. Jiggs the chimpanzee.

What's in the Mix: Nick-i, Rage, Beasty Boys

Favorite Book and/or Movie: Sidhartha by Herman Hesse

Favorite Film: Wheels 4 Life - The Film

Favorite Quote: There is nothing wrong until one makes it wrong.

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