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Heather has been climbing for 12 years and recently relocated to Boulder, CO from Las Vegas, NV. Heather left a veterinary practice in Nevada to devote herself to climbing full time. She had a lot of her clients, family, and friends tell her she had lost her marbles. But, Heather says "The truth is, it doesn't matter if everyone else thinks you're crazy- as long as you're happy, having fun, and loving life." We are stoked to have Heather on the roster and you can read on to find out how awesome she is.

Favorite place to climb?
My favorite place to climb is Rifle Mountain Park in Colorado. Climbing there is like putting the pieces of a big limestone puzzle together- I love the problem solving aspect. There are always lots of psyched people there to hang out with and it is just a beautiful canyon. Climbing in Rifle is one of my favorite ways to spend the day.

What is your focus within climbing?
I love sport climbing. When I first started rock climbing, my boyfriend at the time would drag me up all these heinous trad routes and I remember still enjoying the climbs and being outdoors, but the day I discovered sport climbing I was hooked. It's so much more fun for me to focus on difficulty of a route with gymnastic movement. I used to be a ballerina as a kid, and I feel like projecting hard routes is similar to rehearsing a performance. One day you execute the dance perfectly, or send the route, and that is a rewarding feeling.

What is the strangest thing that has happened to you while climbing?
A few years ago I was working on a climb in Red Rocks called Go A Hundred, a 13b sport climb. I had clipped in to the fourth bolt to suss out a crux and give my belayer a break. All of a sudden my belayer yelled up to me, "Uh, Heather, look below you." The third bolt, hanger and all, had fallen out of the rock and was dangling on the rope. "Good thing I didn't fall there," I yelled down.

Do you have a local claim to fame?
I've been known to be the least powerful climber climbing notoriously powerful routes. Everyone jokes if only I could bend my arms my climbing would improve dramatically. Bicep curls here I come!

Do you promote an annual event or are you involved in a charitable cause?
I am on the board of directors for the Las Vegas Climbers Liaison Council where we work with the Access Fund to help protect the Las Vegas climbing areas. Right now I am working on organizing a Kraft Mountain Cleanup to happen during the Red Rock Rendezvous. Kraft Mountain has seen a dramatic increase in traffic in the past few years due to the popularity of its bouldering.

Notable recent results?
Early this year I spent most of my time bouldering, and I was able to climb my first V10. This was super exciting for me! I generally don't focus on bouldering, but find it a good and fun way to boost my power for sport climbing. Last spring I climbed my first 5.14, and last fall my second 13d. I'm excited to keep pushing my limits this year and I have another 5.14 picked out to work on in Rifle, CO, this summer.

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