Joe Aaron

Long Board Styler

Joe Aaron, "2X Longboard Surfer of the Year," is a Capistrano Beach, CA based professional longboard phenomenon.

Joe is also an artist, a talent he expressed as early as his wave riding. He says he realized he had a preference for bright colors. "While everyone was wearing black wetsuits and riding plain, white boards," he recalls, "I wanted to stand out by wearing multi-colored blocks and tie-dyes."

When he travels to surf spots, he usually puts his experiences on canvas—as well as take them in through the water, that is.
In fact, it's hard to tell which inspires him more, the ocean or paints and colors. His cartoons, acrylic and watercolor fine art simultaneously evoke classic surf artist John Severson, Rick Griffin, and early 1900s Dutch painter, Piet Mondrian. He filters it through with his own unique vision, part contemporary, part retro—what he calls the “JoeMotion" vision.


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