John Morrison

Ski Mountaineer

John Morrison shreds. Waves, singletrack, KT 22, High Sierra Couloirs, and pretty much anything in front of him. You don't hear the details usually, but many mountain adventurers know it's going on and get inspired by just the thought: "I wonder what JM and friends are doing this weekend?" Last Year John skied from the highest ski-able point on all of California's 14ers. That's all in one season, nailing more than one ski descent in a day on a few occasions.

'I love big days, adventuring in the mountains with friends. Bonds created between partners forced into the moment with each other through intense outdoor experiences last forever.' -John

Date of Birth: 9/11/71

Hometown: Squaw Valley

Years Riding/Ripping/Climbing and Shredding: 35

Notable Accomplishments: Ski descents of countless peaks in the Sierras, Tetons, Alaska Range, Alps, Andes, Tien Shan... the list goes on.

Earliest Memory on Sticks: First day trip to Boreal on Donner Summit with my Dad in a blinding snowstorm got me hooked!

Funniest/weirdest experience: While telemarking one fine morning, I hooked a loose suspender under my heel on the second turn into a technical descent in the High Sierra and pulled my pants down around my ankles, ...I don't Tele anymore.

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Top Videos and/or Podcasts: Featured skier in Warren Miller's 'Wintervention',Mendenhall Couloir High Sierra

In the Headphones:Bass Nectar, Metallica, Marley

Words to Live By: "Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life." ― Eckhart Tolle

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