Kevin Pearce


No doubt if you follow snowboarding, then you are well aware of Kevin Pearce. Probably not unlike yourself, we here at Clif ride for Kevin!

As one of a few people to ever beat Shaun White in competition, Kevin is one of snowboarding's greatest of all time! Born and raised in Vermont, and under the wings of his older brothers and uncles, Kevin honed his skills in the unique Green Mountain conditions, allowing him to feel at ease (and rip) on everything from bullet proof ice to hard pack to powder. He began competing at a young age in the Southern Vermont Snowboard Series, and gradually worked his way up to the biggest events in the sport.

Today Kevin loves that his life provides a daily new adventure, and he knows firsthand how important it is to cherish how sweet it is to live and breath and spend precious time with family and friends in beautiful places—because things can change fast.

While training in Park City for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, Kevin took a life-threatening crash and suffered a traumatic brain injury. With no memory of the crash and in critical care for a month and a half; Kevin found himself needing to relearn how to simply breathe, swallow, walk and be in this world. After 13 months of intensive rehab, Kevin has been able to return to independent living. And his rehab has been incredibly successful. Now he's getting back to his life as he knew if before his injury. Today, Kev resides in Southern California (where he is surfing regularly) with his brother and travels the globe as one of the finest ambassadors to the sport, while frequenting the biggest stages and comps that snowboarding has to offer.

Notable Accomplishments: Survived TBI and lives to shred another day! 1st- Munich Air and Style. 1st- Arctic Challenge. 2nd- X-Games

Favorite movie? "Waste Land" by Lucy Walker

What's Kev listening to? Neil Young

Words to live by? “The greater the level of calmness of our mind, the greater our piece of mind, the greater our ability to enjoy a happy and joyful life.” -Dalai Lama

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