Linsey Corbin


Linsey grew up in Bend, Oregon with dreams of winning Olympic Gold as a ski racer. And while she saw success on her skis, it was the adventure of cross-country running and the thrill of the track through which Linsey started to see her future as an athlete begin to take shape. But running on the track eventually ran its course for Linsey as she grew tired of running in circles. Around that same time, Linsey transferred to the University of Montana where she studied nutrition and exercise physiology.

As Linsey puts it, “Once in Missoula, I found my two loves: Chris Corbin and triathlon.” Once Linsey found triathlon she began to dream of the thrill and adventure again. But, in this case, Linsey’s life as a pro triathlete has become so much more than just a dream. Linsey won the first two triathlons she ever entered and set a course record in her first race as a pro. Linsey’s vision “is to transcend the boundaries of (her) sport and represent the importance of a sound mind, body, and diet in achieving dreams.”

Here at Team CLIF Bar it’s been a pleasure to watch Linsey achieve her dreams. She does so much more than just excel as a pro triathlete. Anyone who has seen Linsey race or been fortunate enough to meet her in person understands why she’s on our roster. It really has nothing to do with how talented or accomplished she is. It has everything to do with the fact that she gave us a great local tip for finding fantastic ice cream in Missoula.

Here’s to Linsey and dreams and ice cream.


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