Matt Hunter


A person whose earliest biking memory is taking his feet off the pedals of his tricycle to go faster was clearly destined to ride. But that's not all. Matt says he's also got an uncanny knack for encountering wildlife—particularly large predators—while on his bike. In 2011 alone, Matt saw over twenty black bears, two grizzlies and a cougar. Good thing he started early and learned how to go fast.

Matt was born in Kamloops, British Columbia in 1983. The single-track zigzags through the hills behind his parents' house were his freedom. He explored the hills and trails wherever and whenever he could. At 15, he started focusing on DH riding. With his friends, he built big jumps and aggressive trails and filmed it all. He entered a short video in an online contest, the "Ultimate Freeride Challenge"—and won. That was the beginning of his sponsored career, in 2003.

Matt's focus has always been shooting photos and filming video segments, that is what he loves to do and ultimately enjoys finding adventure in the mountains - whether it be challenging moves and airs or even multi day adventure style rides.
Matt's inspirations come from watching big mountain skiers and snowboarders. The way they shred the mountains in the snow inspires him on dirt. Besides riding, Hunter loves to surf, fish, and backcountry ski as much as he can.

Years Riding, Ripping and Shredding: 25

A couple of CLIF favorites: CLIF MOJO Mountain Mix, Peanut Butter Crunch, and Tropical Punch SHOT Bloks

A favorite food: Never say no to fresh sushi

Music in the rotation: I have been really into the Black Keys and Steel Pulse lately

Last book you read? Plan B 3.0 right now. That one will sure get you thinking....

A quirk of Matt's: In his words " I have a problem with maps. I can't stop looking at them. Google earth too. And I always have to see what is around the corner on a trail or a gravel road. I hate turning around without knowing. Sometimes it makes me get caught out in the dark, because I can't turn around when maybe I should."

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