Mike Libecki

Radical Adventurer

Why ration passion? That's Mike's motto. The dedicated father calls himself a true modern day explorer. His passion (he might also say obsession, or addiction) is firsts: mountain ascents, desert crossings, and other adventures. He says, "I truly believe in every aspect of life we need to dream big and climb those dreams." When he's not doing his Marco Polo impression, he's a videographer, photographer and writer who, along with his daughter, lives with three cats, two dogs, a pig, a rabbit, a parrot and three chickens.

Mike grew up in Clovis, CA near Yosemite (though he lives near Little Cottonwood Canyon in Utah today) and it was that early experience that influenced him to live the life he does today. An early memory for Mike was (in his words) " My first expedition was at 5 years old when I decided to go Mountain Lion hunting when I lived in the Sierra Nevada in Coarsegold near Yosemite. I just headed into the woods with my little bow and arrow, gone in the morning, back in the evening, I never got in so much trouble! My parents called a rescue, the sherriff, it was awesome! I will never forget it, my first solo expedition! "

Years Climbing and Adventuring: 20 technically, but really 38 (my age), my childhood was training for the way I live now...

Notable Accomplishments: First Ascents Solo and with partners on all of the continents. Over 35 expeditions. In such places as Antarctica, Baffin Island, Greenland, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Madagascar, Yemen, Papua New Guinea, Venezuela, Guyana, Russia, Africa, Afghanistan, Iceland, Japan, Korea, Thailand...

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Videos: Check out Around the World with Mike Libecki

In the Rotation: Bob Marley. Blue Grass. All my daughters favorites are stuck in my head: Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber! Haha!

What are you reading or watching?: Currently reading Jack London (almost done with all of his stuff) Viktor E. Frankl, looks good. TV?- Don't watch it!

Favorite Book and/or Movie: Of course the Lord of the Rings, both book and movies. Can't wait for the Hobbit coming out soon as a movie!

Words to Live By: Why ration passion? Dream big and climb those dreams. It is not only life but the quality of this life. THE TIME IS NOW. Death and old age are coming, we must live sweet. -Libecki, inspired by my grandmother.

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