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Molly Baker is an old-fashioned sentimentalist, skier by trade, writer by heart, dancing freak, and pastry aficionado that enjoys thrift store shopping with her mom, running with her dad, and surfing with her sister if she is not skiing pillows with her friends.

Mt. Baker, Washington, her namesake and current home, fuels her skiing and lifestyle aspirations, inspired by tree house dwelling ski bums and a simple existence, the mountains dictate the rules and weather sets the ambiance in the Cascades. She hopes to ski there until old age.

A California girl at heart, Molly was born in Tuolumne, CA, just North of Yosemite National Park. As a child she fancied anything soccer—Pelé, sprints, and a grassy field in the middle of nowhere with two goal posts. Snow and the mountains were living on the periphery. It wasn’t until her college years, spent in Berkeley, CA, that she discovered skiing and the life that would bring friends, adventures, and challenge. In other words, skiing brought life, and Molly doesn’t venture into thinking about where she’d be without it.

In an attempt to shake the status quo, Molly has involved herself in a number of projects with skiing as the foundation. Through painting lines on snow with her skis she has been able to engage in the tiny house movement, encourage other women to find their own potential through sport and in life, and write about her gypsy exploration in snowy, mountainous places.

As a rule to live by, Molly whole-heartedly subscribes to the advice of Ernest Hemingway, “A writer’s only obligation is to live an interesting life and then to tell people about it.”

Date of Birth: June 24, 1984

Hometown: Tuolumne, CA

Years Skiing: Forever in my heart, but only 10 years a skier by a calendar’s standards.

Notable Results, Accolades or Accomplishments in your sport: First woman on the cover of Backcountry Magazine, first female descent of Mt. Shuksan’s Northwest Couloir, Hanging Glacier, and Southwest Face, Sweetgrass Productions athlete for two-year film project “Valhalla”.

Earliest Memory of Riding and Shredding: English riding lessons as a ten-year-old trotting and jumping fence posts. At the time, that was what skiing a big line is to me now.

Best, funniest or weirdest experience: Living in a tiny house (112 square foot cabin on a trailer) with four boys for two months traveling in search of the next big storm. It was a true social experiment and crash course in human dynamics and myself.

Some favorite vids: A long list of TED Talks, “Of Souls and Water: Shapeshifter”, “On the Road Episode XII: Two Years, Five Winters”, “The Eighth Parallel”, and “Wolf and The Medallion”.

In the earbuds: Talking Heads, Beirut, and Lykee Li

What's on the nightstand: Gabriel Garcia Marquez or Joan Didion.

Some film favorites: “Little Miss Sunshine”, “Wild Hearts Can’t be Broken”, or “V for Vendetta”.

Favorite Quote, Advice or Words to Live By: “Be so happy that when others look at you they become happy too”—Unknown
“No life is complete without a touch of madness”—Paulo Cohelo

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