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Paul Robinson lives his life as a professional boulderer. Fortunate enough to be able to travel the world on a near constant basis in search of new, hard, and amazing boulders (often yet to be climbed), Paul is happy every single day he gets to be on the rock or even in the gym pulling down. His favorite of course though are the days that he finds himself in far off lands exploring for new rocks to climb. I enjoy the intricacies and subtleties it takes to figure out specific climbs. I wake up every single morning psyched to get out and go do what i love, climbing.

Date of Birth: 08/28/1987

Hometown: Moorestown, NJ

Years Scrambling: 13

Notable Results & Climbs
2011 – Dominion River Rock Boulder Bash: 2nd Place Open Division
2010 – SBS Championship: 1st Place Open Division
IMS Invitational Championship: 4th Place Open Division
Unified Bouldering Championship Maryland: 2nd Place Open Division
SCS Nationals- 3rd Place Combined Score Open Division
2009 – Mammut Bouldering Championship New Jersey: 1st Place Open Division
Vail World Cup: 4th Place Open Division
ABS National Championship: 2nd Place Open Division
SBS and SCS Finals: 1st Place Open Division
Hueco Tanks Annual Rock Rodeo: 1st Place Open Division
2008 – ABS National Championship: 1st Place Open Division
SBS Finals: 1st Place Open Division
Mammut Bouldering Championship: 1st Place Open Division

Bouldering Highlights:
Lucid Dreaming, Bishop USA, V15/16 (First Ascent)
A Simple Knowing, Topside South Africa, V15 (First Ascent)
Ill Trill, Magic Wood Switzerland, V15 (First Ascent)
The Story of Two World, Cresciano, Switzerland, V15 (Second Ascent)
From Dirt Grows the Flowers, Chironico, Switzerland, V15
Angama, Fontainebleau, France, V15 (Second Ascent)
Trip Hop, Fontainebleau, France, V15 (Second Ascent)
Monkey Wedding, Rocklands South Africa, V15 (Second Ascent)
Terremer, Hueco Tanks USA, V15 (Second Ascent)
Big Paw, Chironico, Switzerland, V14/15
Jade, RMNP USA, V14/15 (Third Ascent)
Amandla, Rocklands South Africa, V14/15 (Second Ascent)
Paranormal Activity, Topside South Africa, V14 (First Ascent)
La Force du Destin, Fontainebleau, France, V14 (Second Ascent)
Mandala Direct Assis, Bishop, USA, V14 (First Ascent)
(As well as more than 25 V14's and more than 65 V13's world wide)

Psychedelic, St. George USA, 5.14d
The Fly, Rumney USA, 5.14d
Breakin' The Law, St. George USA, 5.14b

Earliest Climbing Memory : "I can remember my first time ever climbing! I had a blast. I went to my friends birthday party when i was 11 years old and from that moment on no one could step between me and a climbing wall. It was all I wanted to do every single day and it still is that way to this very day, 13 years later.

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What's in the musical mix? "Well despite the fact that hip hop died in 2010, I will continue to trudge forth in hopes of its resurrection in the years to come! The new JayZ Kanye album is pretty decent! Could be a start....

What's Paul been reading: Currently -Eager Street - this true story about a man who grew up in the ghetto of east Baltimore, was a drug dealer and hit man, and now lives his life in prison where he serves a life sentence.
A Favorite: the pearl by John Steinbeck

Favorite Quote: "you will soon be hungry again, order takeout" On a fortune cookie Paul once got at an Asian restaurant in New Jersey!

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