Terenzo Bozzone


Terenzo Bozzone (born in South Africa on March 1st 1985 and raised in Auckland, New Zealand) is a new addition to the Team CLIF Bar roster for 2011. He’s also relatively new to the Ironman distance in the sport of triathlon, but Terenzo is plenty accomplished as a pro triathlete and he’s quite familiar with the view from the top step of the podium.

Terenzo’s been winning races for years. He won the 2001 & 2002 Junior Men's Elite Duathlon World Championship and the 2002 & 2003 Junior Men's Elite Triathlon World Championship. By 2008 he was winning all sorts of stuff and became the 70.3 World Champ by taking the victory at Clearwater to conclude a fantastic season. In 2009, Terenzo decided it was time to start racing the Ironman distance, and in his 1st attempt he placed 2nd at Ironman New Zealand.

Terenzo’s got big goals when it comes to the Ironman distance races.

He’s also an ideal fit on the Team CLIF Bar roster, where we look for athletes who understand the bigger picture of being a pro athlete. Terenzo gets it. His goals are bigger than him. He has a plan for how he wants help the sport of triathlon achieve even bigger things. In Terenzo’s world, it’s definitely not all about Terenzo – and we like that. But when it is about Terenzo there’s often a big, shiny trophy of some sort in the mix – we like that too. Trophies are pretty cool.

>> http://terenzo.blogspot.com/

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