Event Sponsorship FAQs



Since the first Clif Bar came out of Mary’s oven, we’ve been committed to supporting community-minded athletic events and grassroots gatherings across the country. We love rallying around the great work you’re doing to help make the world a happier and healthier place.


As much as we wish we could provide support to all the great events that come our way, we aren’t able to say yes to every request we get.


Before you take the time to submit a sponsorship request, please read through these FAQs to get answers to some of the more common questions.


What is the Goody Bag program?


The Goody Bag is what we call our event sponsorship application and support program.

What does the Goody Bag program support?


The Goody Bag program is designed to support community-minded, human-powered, athletic and/or socially responsible and sustainably-minded events for all kinds of people all over the nation.


What can the Goody Bag program provide?


The program is currently set up for product (Clif Bar & Company nutritional foods) donation only.


For monetary support, please submit your request here and it will be passed on to a Regional Field Manager.


What are some of the rules of the program?


Due to the extraordinary number of requests we receive each day, in order to be considered for the Goody Bag program, we need to receive your application a minimum of 90 days in advance of the date of your event.  


We ask that if you request Clif Bar & Company products at your event, there should not be any other energy bars or competitors present.


We value knowing that you’re choosing Clif for your participants for all of the same reasons that you choose it for yourself. In turn, we really want to work with those who value us for who we are (and the food we make) as much as we value your event for what it brings to our community at large.


What else besides product does Clif Bar & Company provide?


We’re happy to provide a Clif Bar banner for your event (assuming that you promise to send it back when you are done with it!). We like to re-use when we can!

We’re also happy to provide our logo for you to use in promoting your event (and your generous sponsor) on flyers, T-shirts, websites, banners and beyond!


We do ask, however, that you use our logo only if you receive a “YES” to sponsorship.

What if you’ve sponsored my event in the past?


If we have sponsored your event in the past that does not automatically mean we’ll be able to sponsor your event again year after year. As much as we love to remain loyal to those who are loyal to us, we do have a limited budget and Clif Bars don’t grow on trees. We like to share the goodness when we can and appreciate that you do, too. Please don’t take it personally!


So if I get my application in on time and my event is a perfect fit for Clif can I count on sponsorship?


Unfortunately, the answer here is no.  We have far more applications than bars to support them all. We will do our best to explore the options for purchase or support the next time around.


When can I expect to hear from Clif Bar & Company regarding my sponsorship request?


You can expect to hear from Clif Bar 45 – 60 days prior to your event.


We thank you for your interest and support in working with Clif Bar & Company. We value your decision to support one of the only remaining private and organic energy bar companies on the market and will do everything we can to figure out a way to support you and your event.


If we have not answered all your questions, feel free to send an email to and we'll be sure to get back to you as soon as we can.


Are you ready to submit a request for sponsorship? The journey starts here...

Thanks again for thinking of us and for your continued support and loyalty to Clif Bar & Company. We appreciate it!


-Your friends at Clif Bar & Company


Event Sponsorship Terms & Conditions