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A Thin, Crispy Way to Snack.

With 2 Thins, 100 calories, and 5g sugar per pack, CLIF BAR® Thins are a perfect snack time pick-me-up for long days, light activities, or life’s everyday adventures.

Thins by the Numbers

100 Calories
Per Pack
5g Sugar
Per Pack
Rolled Oats

Available in 3 Classic Flavors.

Crispy, crunchy CLIF BAR® Thins come in three delicious varieties: Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Peanut Brownie, and White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Flavor.

At 100 Calories, They’re Snack-Sized in Every Way.

Made with organic rolled oats and non-GMO, CLIF Bar® Thins are perfect for snack time, or any time.