Imagination Needs Fuel

Why Imagination Needs Fuel

Turning your backyard into the ultimate space station. Building a lava-spewing volcano protected by dinosaurs. Kids need yummy organic snacks to move their bodies and fuel their imaginations.

We make imagination fuel. Filled with delicious, organic ingredients for kids on-the-go. Because who knows where their imaginations will take them.

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Protein for Kids

How much protein do kids need, what types are best, and how do I know my kid is eating enough?
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Chalk It Up

Sidewalk chalk and imaginative play are great ways for kids to have fun and stay safe. They’re also terrific tools to foster game play, kick-start imaginations, and help kids let their inner artists out.
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Starting Young with Healthy Food Choices

It’s important to start good food habits early—not just by focusing on the food kids eat—but by teaching them to have a good attitude toward food and eating, as well.
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Field Guide for the Imagination

Need fun ways to fuel your kid's imagination? Download our field guide.

Imagination Boosters

CLIF Kid® provides more than just the nutrition to fuel an active imagination. We also provide a few quick sparks to jumpstart kids’ imaginations.