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A Symbol of Equality

Lace up With LUNA

It’s no secret we’re in awe of the mighty women defending their place as world champions in France 2019. Their grit and strength represent women everywhere demanding what they deserve.

We know it’s been a long fight. So in addition to helping to close the pay gap this summer, we are uniting our fellow superpeople to raise awareness and momentum.

Wear our LUNA Laces as a symbol of equality. And express your support as our team takes the world stage this summer.

Wrap them around your wrist, tie them in your hair, weave them through your shoes or create something unique that shows how you express equality. Then share with your fans on social (tag #SomedayIsNow @lunabar) and inspire them to do the same.

Let’s show the world that equality can’t wait for someday. #SomedayIsNow!

Show Your Support!

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1. Social

The most fun way to get a pair of LUNA Laces for Equality is through our social channels. Every Monday through France 2019 we’ll be giving away free pairs on Instagram. Follow us @lunabar for your chance to help us show support. Or click the link below for your chance to win.

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2. Promo Code

While you’re here, grab a pair. 

While supplies last, get a free pair of LUNA Laces for Equality with any LUNA purchase. Just enter promo code LUNALACES at checkout.

Offer is valid while supplies last. Offer cannot be applied retroactively and applies to in stock items only. One offer per customer - pretty please.

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3. Grab Your Own

Of course, if you have any blue laces lying around, feel free to use your own. All laces are created equal. :)

Show Us How You Express Equality.

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