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Our Commitment to Equal Pay

Clif Bar & Company has always valued equal opportunity and pay equity. Fifty two percent of leadership positions are held by women and our compensation levels are calibrated with internal and external benchmarks to ensure competitive, fair and equitable pay.

At our Twin Falls and Indianapolis Clif Bar Baking Companies, we are not only committed to pay equity, but to ensuring all Clif Bar Baking employees are paid a fair living wage. Our compensation guidelines support our philosophy and practice of offering equal pay for equal work.

We are proud to be a company that lives by and leads with our values and are committed to policies and practices that ensure fairness and equality to sustain our people.

How do we maintain equal pay?

  • We conduct an annual organization level salary review at Clif Bar & Company ('headquarters') and our Twin Falls and Indianapolis Clif Bar Baking Companies to identify any unintended disparity trends that require further review and/or adjustment.
  • At any time, if an unexplained disparity is brought to our attention, it is reviewed by HR and if warranted, an equity adjustment is made.
  • For prospective employees, we do not ask for previous employment salary so offers aren't influenced by a candidate’s prior salary history, but rather offers are based on external compensation surveys and internal bench marking of others doing similar work.
  • We have mandatory interview training for hiring managers and people interviewing prospective employees to educate and raise awareness to help prevent bias.
  • We centralize salary negotiations through our HR recruiting team to ensure our salary negotiations are fair and consistently based on our benchmarking, and internal compensation guidelines and policies. This includes a well-defined compensation structure and guidelines for determining an individual's placement within the salary group established for the position.