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The Five Aspirations

At Clif Bar, we are guided by our values or what we call our Five Aspirations: Sustaining our People, Community, Planet, Brands, and Business. These aspirations help us consider decisions from multiple perspectives that we value, and we choose the word “aspiration” in recognition that we’re on a journey and can always do more in each of these areas.

Sustaining our People: Our people are the heart and soul of Clif Bar, so we work hard to be a company where all can grow, thrive, and meaningfully contribute—building a better Clif and, in sometimes small but significant ways, a better world.

Sustaining our Communities: Our company has always been committed to the health and well-being of the people and places we reach. Together with our passionate team we lend a hand, give back, and create thoughtful partnerships that contribute to the communities we all share.

Sustaining the Planet: We’re committed to taking care of our planet, and it’s baked into everything we do. From the ingredients we source to the energy we use, we manage our resources sustainably and help others do the same, working hand in hand with policy makers, NGOs, and even competitors to create a brighter future for everyone.

Sustaining our Brands: We grow enduring and purpose-filled brands that consumers embrace by delivering on their hunger for food that’s packed with heart, authenticity, and, most of all, positive energy.

Sustaining our Business: We’re leading a business that’s built to inspire consumers (and other companies) by continuously investing in the growth of our five bottom lines, ensuring Clif remains a force for good for generations to come.

Like the spokes of a wheel, the Five Aspirations keep our company in balance as we move forward.

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