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The Five Aspirations

Most companies have one bottom line. At Clif Bar & Company, we are a private, family and employee-owned company guided by five “bottom lines” or what we call our Five Aspirations: Sustaining our People, Community, Planet, Brands, and Business. These aspirations help us consider decisions from multiple perspectives that we value, and we choose the word “aspiration” in recognition that we’re on a journey and can always do more in each of these areas.

Sustaining our People: Working side-by-side, encouraging each other, our Company is our people.

Sustaining our Communities: Promoting healthy, sustainable communities, locally and globally.

Sustaining the Planet: Conserving and restoring our natural resources; growing a business that operates in harmony with the laws of nature.

Sustaining our Brands: Creating brands with integrity, quality and authenticity.

Sustaining our Business: Building a resilient company, investing for the long-term.

Like the spokes of a wheel, the Five Aspirations keep our company in balance as we move forward.

Read our latest All Aspirations Annual Report: