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What projects is CLIF KID supporting to achieve Climate Neutral Certification?

CLIF KID supports offset projects (avoided emissions) that are third-party verified and provide both environmental and social benefits. The first project is in support of a wind project located in a rural area of Maharashtra, India, which helps transition the local grid from fossil fuels to renewable energy, thereby helping enhance the health and well-being of local communities (Maharashtra India Wind VCS1671 & Beed Maharashtra India Wind VCS1523). The second project builds and distributes solar and efficient cookstoves to communities in vanilla growing areas of Madagascar to replace open fire cooking (Solar and Efficient Cookstoves in Madagascar GS464). This helps reduce the amount of forest timber used for cooking and the resulting air pollution. CLIF KID also purchases renewable energy credits (RECs) within the EPA eGRID regions where our products are made (NWPP and RFCW).

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