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California AB-1305 Compliance

CLIF, a Mondelēz International brand, is providing the following information in accordance with California Assembly Bill 1305, the Voluntary Carbon Market Disclosures Business Regulation Act to clarify all claims made regarding our use of the term “climate neutral”.

CLIF is working to take responsibility for our climate impact by:

  • Working towards the Mondelēz science-based target* to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from direct operations (scope 1 and 2) and supply chain (scope 3) and working to reach net-zero emissions by 2050,
  • Ongoing efforts to reduce emissions (e.g., reducing energy use, investing in on-site and offsite renewable electricity, engaging supply chain partners to reduce emissions of purchased goods and services); and
  • Participating in the voluntary carbon market by supporting projects that avoid emissions beyond CLIF brand operations and value chain to support global net-zero efforts.

Emissions avoided through the purchase of carbon credits are not subtracted from CLIF’s annual GHG inventory.

CLIF KID - Climate Neutral Certification

Aligned with these efforts, CLIF KID is a Climate Neutral certified brand. The Climate Neutral Certification is a globally recognized standard for carbon accountability and is maintained by an independent, nonprofit organization called The Change Climate Project (TCCP). The Climate Neutral standard is designed to ensure the integrity of climate action and GHG measurements of organizations that participate in the certification program.

Achievement of this certification indicates that the CLIF brand measures and reports annual GHG emissions from the production and shipping (cradle to customer) of the CLIF KID brand products per current GHG Protocol methodology and undergoes a verification audit by an independent, third-party organization. The certification also requires that the CLIF brand work toward science-aligned emissions reduction targets, reduction plans in place, and contributes to global GHG reduction efforts by supporting projects beyond our operations and value chain that avoid emissions. For more information visit: CLIF KID | A Climate Neutral Certified Brand (

Carbon Offset Purchasing

The CLIF KID brand supports offset projects (avoided GHG emissions) that are third-party verified. The first set of offsets support a wind project located in a rural area of Maharashtra, India, which helps transition the local grid from fossil fuels to renewable energy (Maharashtra India Wind VCS1671 & Beed Maharashtra India Wind VCS1523). The second project supports the building and distribution of solar and efficient cookstoves to communities in Madagascar to replace open fire cooking (Solar and Efficient Cookstoves in Madagascar GS464).

The CLIF brand has a long-standing relationship with our partner, Native, a Public Benefit Corporation, a credible and leading developer of carbon offset projects. We also intentionally support programs that provide both environmental and social benefits and require projects to meet rigorous third-party verification such as Gold Standard or Verified Carbon Standard certified.  

*This target is preliminary and may be impacted by the SBTi validation process (submitted in 2023).