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CLIF Kid® is Proud to be Climate Neutral Certified

We’ve been working with Climate Neutral, a globally-recognized standard for carbon accountability, to measure, reduce, and compensate for our carbon emissions. Because a healthy planet is vital to wholesome nutrition and healthy families.

CLIF Kid Climate Neutral Certified
CK21 1051 CLIF Kid 2021 INF Creative Pin5 v2
Q2 June Kid Collection Tout Sweet Summer Snacking 1320x1460

CLIF Kid Zbar

Sweet Summer Snacking

Kids love our Chocolate Brownie and Iced Oatmeal Cookie Zbar snack bars—parents love that they have organic whole grain ingredients and satisfying fiber.

A Parent’s Guide to Camping with Kids

Check out our favorite tips on food, gear, and activities to make camping with kids not only fun, but stress free.

CLIF Kid Camping Backpack