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Breaking Down CLIF BAR Nutrition

Here at CLIF Bar, our food is crafted with purpose, for people and the planet. That’s why we prioritize organic, plant-based ingredients and sustainable sourcing standards to create wholesome foods that energize any moment.

Deciding which foods are right for you starts with asking the right questions.

CLIF Bar’s team of dietitians are here with answers to your questions about our namesake product: CLIF BAR® energy bar.

Are CLIF BARS Good For You?

CLIF BAR® is the ultimate energy bar, trusted for nearly 30 years by athletes and sports nutrition experts to get you started and help keep you going during long outings on the bike, trail or slopes.

When Should I Eat a CLIF BAR® Energy Bar?

CLIF BAR® is uniquely crafted to provide sustained energy before and during physical activity lasting over an hour.

What’s in a CLIF BAR?

Athletes need the right energy at the right time, so we craft every CLIF BAR® with a time-tested recipe to help you sustain your optimal performance, using the latest nutrition science and mix of plant-based ingredients. Each bar includes a blend of simple sugars and complex carbohydrates alongside smaller amounts of plant-based protein and “good fats” from ingredients like seeds and nuts. There’s just no room for GMOs, high-fructose corn syrup, or artificial flavors.

Ok, But What About Sugar? Isn’t Sugar Bad For Me?

Carbohydrates (like sugar) are king when it comes to sports nutrition. They fuel your body, prevent fatigue, and sustain peak performance.1,2

In fact, sugars are the body’s favorite energy source when training or competing.2 They are quickly absorbed, providing fast fuel to working muscles to help optimize performance.

CLIF BAR® has an ideal mix of fast-acting carbs from sugar to help you hit the ground running and longer-lasting carbs from wholesome rolled oats to help you finish strong.

What Else Goes in a CLIF BAR?

CLIF BAR® is the ultimate reflection of our ongoing commitment to crafting foods with purpose, for people and the planet. Our secret ingredient is positive energy.

What goes into a CLIF BAR


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