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Someday a woman’s goal will be worth as much as a man’s

LUNA has always been committed to inspiring and championing women. We never got the memo that it’s okay for us to make on average 20% less than men. A difference in pay that’s even worse for women of color. So we are relentless in the fight for equality and raising awareness around the gender pay gap.

The U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team (USWNT) caught our attention in 2016 when they spoke up to demand equality. Although they slayed it in many ways, their fight continues today. There are still many inequities, such as the World Cup roster bonus awarded to any U.S. soccer player - woman or man - named to a World Cup team. We were shocked to learn that, for women, their roster bonus is $31,250 less than the men – for the same work. As you can imagine, this got us pretty fired up. We knew we had to do something. And do it now.

So LUNA Bar is closing the World Cup roster bonus pay gap by giving each of the 23 women named to the 2019 World Cup team the $31,250 difference to make their roster bonus equal to the men’s.

And let’s be clear, this isn’t about their bravery and determination – which they rock in abundance. Or even about the money. It’s simply because, well, they deserve it.

As do all women – whether they’re crushing it at work or playing soccer on a global stage. And by sharing their experience publicly, the players of the USWNT become advocates, mentors and role models to women and girls around the world.

We can all learn from their experiences. So they’re doing us a solid and offering advice, support and inspiration in your own fight for equal pay. Because equality shouldn’t wait for someday.

Someday is now.

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