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Energy to Move the World—or Take it On

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Clif bar athlete packaging

Our Athletes Are Moving the World

These athletes are bringing their talent, leadership and inspiration to the world’s stage. Learn more about each of these incredible humans and what moves them.

Megan Rapinoe

Equal pay. Equal rights. Equal opportunity to move the needle and become an arbiter of change. This soccer star believes in standing up and speaking out against inequity, and she says the best way to get started is to go local — start with your own community or family.

Venus Williams

Raising each other up raises all of us to new heights. This tennis legend is a strong proponent for supporting other female athletes, fighting to get them equal prize money and equal rights. Anyone who’s seen her play knows the competitive instinct comes alive when it needs to, but she is all about support off-court.

Jordyn Barratt

Shifting the paradigm on a traditional male-driven sport, Jordyn uses her talent to stand for inclusivity and equality for women in skateboarding. This Hawaii-born, California-raised skateboarder has a permanent smile on her face as she builds strong, supportive communities wherever she goes. She takes a fun-first approach to helping others be their best and accomplish their goals.

John John Florence

World champ and champion for the world. John John Florence grew up in one of the planet’s most beautiful natural playgrounds: the North Shore, in front of Pipeline. Through his travels and experiences, John has become a steward for the environment, consistently making an effort to learn about how he can do his part to minimize impact and reduce waste.

Daniel Romanchuk

This Baltimore-born, wheelchair-racing world champion learned early that the best way to move forward is to focus on what you do have, rather than what you don’t. Leading the way both in competition and through his work with young athletes, he encourages everyone to use their unique mix of talents and opportunities to get out there and keep moving.

Sky Brown

How do you teach a human girl to fly? Give her a skateboard. This skateboarder phenom approaches skating the way she approaches life — in an eternal quest for fun. She never let anyone tell her that skateboarding was for boys and good thing! Watching her grow up skating has encouraged other girls to get into the sport.