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Food has the power to do more than fuel us. That’s why we craft foods that nourish our bodies and then go even further, by benefiting the people who grow our food and the planet as a whole.

Learn more about what goes into our purposefully crafted foods.

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Energy for Any Moment

Clif Bar was born on a bike and built with athletes in mind. Today we continue to make organic, plant-based energy food that begins with a recipe and the latest nutrition science—and not just for performance. We thoughtfully craft our foods to help energize any moment, big or small.

Performance Energy

Fuel Your Next Personal Best

With carbohydrates for energy or a blend of carbs and protein for recovery, these foods deliver nutrition to sustain active bodies and help optimize performance.

Find the Right Fuel for Your Sport

Different activities demand different nutrition. Discover the fuel you need to perform at your best.

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Everyday Energy

Goodness on the Go

When you’re on the go, this balanced mix of wholesome, delicious ingredients and key nutrients helps you manage everyday energy needs.

Our Latest Nutrition Resources

Our team of expert dietitians has brought together articles, playbooks, and infographics to help you learn about healthy eating and energizing any moment in your day.

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Energy for Kids

Big Energy for Your Little Ones

Sized for little hands and made with ingredients you can feel good about, these bars are crafted to keep active kids going—whether they’re on the field or on the go.

Nutritious Snacks for Active Kids

Dietitian and mom Jenna Braddock shares her advice on how to fuel imaginative playtime with nutritious snacks and recipe ideas.

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Keep it Real

Our recipes are built around wholesome, energizing, plant-based ingredients—like oats, almonds, and dates—that provide quality energy and real enjoyment. Here are some of the things we’re focusing on when we cook up a new recipe:

Prioritize People and the Planet

We recognize that truly wholesome foods positively impact both our well-being and the health of the planet. That’s why, for the last two decades, we’ve prioritized organic, plant-based ingredients and supported sustainable agriculture.

Organic by the Numbers

1 billion+
pounds of organic ingredients purchased since 2003.
of all ingredients purchased are organic or Rainforest Alliance Certified™.
organic research private funder in the United States.

Organic for Good

We believe in creating a healthier, more just, and sustainable food system. For us that starts with organic

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Raising the Bar

Making food that’s nutritious and sustainable means looking beyond the recipe to how it’s made, shipped, and enjoyed. To help sustain both people and the planet, we’re committed to zero waste, green power, eco-friendly packaging, and more.

Our Goals for Zero Waste

We’re reimagining everything from our bakeries to our packaging to find ways to divert waste from landfills. Learn more about our goals and progress.

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Commitment to Clean Energy

From carbon offsetting to sustainable architecture, we are taking actions to reduce our ecological footprint in everything we do.

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Packaging with Purpose

The materials we use matter. That’s why we strive to be as thoughtful about our packaging as we are about our organic, plant-based ingredients.

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