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Nutrition Education

Food has the power to energize our bodies and do even more – it can positively impact the planet and the people who grow and make our food. Our Nutrition Education Hub is filled with a variety of resources to help you discover easy ways to eat with nutrition and sustainability in mind. With actionable guidance, tips and tricks, and answers to your tough questions, our team of dietitians and expert advisors have you covered.

About Clif Bar & Company Nutrition

Since day one our food has been crafted with purpose, for people and the planet. That’s why we prioritize organic, plant-based ingredients and responsible sourcing standards to create wholesome foods that energize any moment. Click the image below to learn more about our Nutrition Philosophy.

With nutrition facts and helpful infographics, the Energy Playbook provides a roadmap to energize any moment in your day. Plus, go beyond the label to learn about how Clif Bar & Company is crafting foods to help sustain people and the planet.

Healthy, Sustainable Eating 101

Thoughtful choices about the foods we eat can support our health, the health of the planet, and the health of generations to follow. Learn how to build a healthy, sustainable diet with the resources below.

Third-party sustainability seals and certifications provide verified guidance on how ingredients make their way from seed to shelf. Learn more about these symbols with registered dietitian, Liz Shaw.

Active Nutrition

Whether you’re competing with the best or simply breaking a sweat with friends, good nutrition can give you the energy you need to keep moving. Check out our resources below for tips on how to fuel your workouts and active adventures, all while supporting the planet.

Learn how to energize your performance sustainably with advice from registered dietitian and certified personal trainer, Liz Shaw.

Kid Nutrition

The right snacks can help nourish little tummies and sustain the planet for future generations. Read on for snacking tips and recipes that will keep little ones going, growing, and exploring for years to come.

Meal Prep and Planning

When it comes to our own kitchens, things like filling half our plates with plants, meal prepping with purpose and reducing food waste are valuable steps toward a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. Get started by checking out these tools.

Nutrition and sustainable diets don’t have to be exclusively homemade. Registered dietitian, Liz Shaw, demonstrates how meal prepping can help positively impact our health, the planet, and the people who grow and make our food.


Nearly two-thirds of Americans report snacking at least once a day (IFIC, 2021). Snacks can help tide us over, satisfy our tastebuds and deliver good nutrition, all while supporting the planet. Learn how to I.D. nutritious, sustainable snacks for you and your family, no matter the occasion.

Health Professionals

Clif Bar & Company’s in-house team of dietitians work with third-party nutrition and sustainability experts to support health professionals’ resource needs. Check out our client-friendly handouts, evidenced-based tools, and continuing education webinars below.


Behind the Label: Sustainability Seals and Certification

Third-party sustainability seals and certifications provide verified guidance allowing consumers to identify sustainable options more easily. This webinar provides an overview of commonly used seals and certifications and the criteria they represent. Dietitians can learn key strategies to help their clients make informed choices that can positively impact their health, the planet and the lives of the people who grow and make our food.

Step 1: Watch the webinar above. Download the slides here.

Step 2: Earn continuing education (1 CEU). Take the quiz.

    Eating Sustainably for Active People

    When considering how to fuel sustainably, understanding how a food is grown and made can be just as important as how it impacts exercise. Join sports nutrition experts to explore the evidence on healthy, sustainable dietary patterns for fitness and learn how you can support your clients in making smart fueling choices that support active lifestyles and planetary health.

    Step 1: Watch the webinar above. Download the slides here.

    Step 2: Earn continuing education (1 CEU). Take the quiz.

      Accelerating Impact: How RDs Can Lead the Sustainable Nutrition Movement

      Accelerating Impact: How RDs Can lead the Sustainable Nutrition Movement

      Nutrition experts can lead the charge and drive education toward the adoption of practical, healthy, sustainable diets that are good for people and the planet. Learn from dietitians across different fields about how they integrate sustainable nutrition into their day-to-day, every day.

      Woman Boxing with Coach

      Active Nutrition Guide + Workbook

      We understand that a solid nutrition plan isn’t just important for elite athletes. That’s why we’re proud to present the Active Nutrition Guide, a first-of-its-kind comprehensive resource for feeding and inspiring all active lifestyles. This guide and its accompanying workbook and modules are designed to equip nutrition professionals with evidence-based guidelines to create nutrition plans for any active occasion. Check out the below to get started!

        The Active Nutrition Guide provides science-based information to enable health professionals to educate active individuals on the importance of nutrition in achieving their personal health and fitness goals. Use the guide and workbook to help personalize recommendations based on day-to-day intensity, frequency, and duration of activity.

        Active Nutrition Guide Modules

        The Active Nutrition Guide’s sports-specific modules provide nutrition advice from sports nutrition experts, alongside real-world tips from athletes. Use the modules to create personalized recommendations for your clients.





        DISCLAIMER: The resources on this page were developed by Clif Bar & Company’s nutrition team of registered dietitians with expert counsel from the Clif Nutrition Advisory Council, athletes and subject-matter experts. The ideas and suggestions included within these resources are provided for general educational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice or care. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider before beginning any physical fitness or health- and nutrition-related activity.