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Partnerships with Purpose

We are partnering with our CLIF athletes to drive awareness and donate our time and money to support our nonprofit partners in making the spaces where we live and play more accessible and inclusive.

We believe people should feel proud to be who they are, wherever they are—on the court, trail, field, mat, or elsewhere.

France Tiafoe with kids

CLIF x The Frances Tiafoe Fund

CLIF is a proud supporter of The Frances Tiafoe Fund, which aims to bring tennis and education together to increase access to the sport for under-resourced youth.

The United States Tennis Association Foundation has joined Frances Tiafoe to launch The Frances Tiafoe Fund, with focused support on the National Junior Tennis and Learning network.

As someone who grew up in the NJTL network, the mission of the USTA Foundation is personal to Tiafoe and pivotal to his tennis journey. He started playing the game at age four at the Junior Tennis Champions Center in Maryland, a NJTL chapter where his father served as the head of maintenance after immigrating from Sierra Leone in 1996.

“I’m so excited for this opportunity to work with the USTA Foundation and inspire kids who come from my hometown and beyond. One of my priorities has always been to show kids that dreams can come true and that success is in everyone—and this Fund is just one step further toward that goal.” – Frances Tiafoe

Partnership Impact


Chapters in the USTA Foundation’s NJTL network nationwide, which The Frances Tiafoe Fund will help to support


Student-athletes nationwide who receive free or low-cost tennis programming and academic services through the NJTL network annually

Source: USTA

Frances Tiafoe

In 2022, Tiafoe captivated audiences across the world with his gutsy performances at Arthur Ashe Stadium where he became the first African American male to reach the US Open semifinals since the stadium’s namesake did so 50 years earlier. He has embraced his position both as one of the few African American players on tour and as a role model to the next generation of young tennis players.

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Want to support The Frances Tiafoe Fund?

You can make a difference for kids all over the nation pursuing their love of tenniswho knows where the spark may lead? Join CLIF Athlete Frances Tiafoe in changing lives through tennis and education.


CLIF and our newest athlete, Sophia Smith, have teamed up with the VOICEINSPORT Foundation to advance gender equity in sport.

The VOICEINSPORT Foundation has a mission to advocate for girls and women in sport through research, education, and advocacy.

Our partnership with the VOICEINSPORT Foundation started in 2022, and with the help of our newest athlete, Sophia Smith, we’re continuing our support into 2023. As we look forward to women’s sports being on the world stage during the Women’s World Cup this year, now is the time to help drive change in women’s sport equality on a global scale.

The VOICEINSPORT Foundation believes the more opportunities and support girls have in sport, the stronger and more powerful they’ll be in all aspects of their lives.

The Problem


The rate girls drop out of sport compared to boys by age 14

Source: WSF Teen Sport Report, 2018

1.13 Million

Fewer opportunities in sport for high school girls than boys

Source: National Federation of State High School Associations 2018-2019

75% Less

The gap in prize money at this year's Women’s World Cup is $330M, adding up to 25% of the Men's World Cup 2022 prize money.

Source: VOICEINSPORT Foundation

Established in 2020, the VOICEINSPORT Foundation is dedicated to closing the opportunity gap in sports as well as supporting women at all critical developmental moments of their sports journey such as breast development, menstruation, and psychological development.

CLIF is proud to support the VOICEINSPORT Foundation in hosting in-person and virtual Title IX trainings across the US to help girls and women understand their rights under the landmark law guaranteeing equal access to sport for girls. Additionally, CLIF will support in establishing the VOICEINSPORT Foundation chapters on state college campuses across the country for women and girl student athletes to access educational resources, gain leadership training, and network with women leaders in their area.

Advocate for Women’s Sports

Want to support women’s sports? Be sure to watch the Women’s World Cup games, buy tickets to women’s sporting events near you, and buy merch if you can to support even more.

Sophia Smith

Colorado native and Stanford alum, Sophia Smith is a forward for the Portland Thorns and the US Women’s National Team. With one college National Championship and one National Women’s Soccer League Championship under her belt, she’s already made a name for herself from the start of what promises to be an incredible career. At CLIF, we are so proud to partner with the 2022 US Female Soccer Player of the Year, Sophia Smith.

Partnership Impact Since 2022


Partnership Impact

New VIS Chapters to be opened in colleges around the country
Title IX trainings both virtual and in person to occur
Women in sport will receive Title IX training sponsored by CLIF

Want to Get Involved with the VIS Foundation?

Represent your school and join the leadership program. When you become an advocate you’ll learn about Title IX, advocacy, and how to drive change in your community.

CLIF x Outdoor Afro

As our first partnership, CLIF Athlete Venus Williams teams up with Outdoor Afro to bring Black joy to the great outdoors.

Outdoor Afro celebrates and inspires Black connections and leadership in nature.

Started in 2009 as a social enterprise by Rue Mapp in Oakland, California, Outdoor Afro became a national non-profit in 2015 and has led the way for inclusion through programs that connect Black people and Black communities to nature through education, recreation, and conservation across the country.

CLIF has partnered with Outdoor Afro for nearly a decade, and is proud to help fuel the impactful work the network does, as well as support initiatives and programs like the organization's annual Outdoor Afro Leadership Training, Making Waves Program, and national Juneteenth commemoration. We are excited to continue to grow that partnership this year and beyond.

Venus Williams

One of the most accomplished women in sports, Venus has 7 Grand Slam titles, 5 Wimbledon championships and 4 Olympic gold medals to her name. She has been a steadfast advocate for equality throughout her career.

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Building Community + Relationships with Nature

Watch as Venus and Rue attend an Outdoor Afro event in Miami and share about their love of nature.

Outdoor Afro by the Numbers

participants in networks across the US
states with local networks
in-person and online events held to date

Find a Local Network

Outdoor Afro networks host and facilitate safe and sustainable outdoor experiences such as fishing, kayaking, backpacking, skiing, boating, gardening, biking, hiking, horseback riding, birding, and swimming.